Sunday Club

3 years – P6


P7 – S3+


P1 – P3

Young Explorers

 P4 – P6 

At Killermont Parish Church we look to include and involve all the young people that we can, creating safe, supportive spaces that are fun and engaging. We believe that strong community is integral to good youth work and from that community we can explore faith and the power of the good news of Jesus.

Below is an overview of a number of the regular groups for young people that are part of the regular rhythm here in Killermont Parish Church. If you would like more information on any of these please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will happily let you know.

Age Group: Primary 7 to Secondary 6
When & Where: 10am on Sunday in the Church Flat

As part of our regular Sunday services at Killermont we have a whole host of activates for all ages. Crossfire is one of those and meets at the start of the service in the church flat. We then explore and discuss parts of the bible, pray and play games together. We would then head back into the service and often share what they have been getting up to then worship with the congregation as a whole. Crossfire aims delve into bible in a way that keeps things relevant and exciting to the young people who come along.

Monday Nights
Age Group: Secondary 3 to Secondary 6
When & Where: 7:30pm, Monday in the Church Flat

Monday Nights is a group that meets to build a community who explore faith and the gospel of Jesus on a deeper level. Journeying through the bible, engaging with exciting material, discussing faith in everyday life, simply having a laugh and playing games. Monday Nights is a mix of discovery and community. An average night contains snacks, games, discussion and sometimes worship evenings. All are welcome..

Scripture Union(SU) Groups

Age Group: Primary 6 to Secondary 6
When & Where:

Primary 6 to 7 on Tuesday Lunchtime in Killermont Primary School.

Secondary 3 to 6 on Monday at 7:30pm in the church flat (above Killermont Parish Church).

Coming under the banner of Scripture Union Scotland and working with the wonderful folks at Killermont Primary School and Boclair Academy we run regular SU groups in the local primary and secondary school. There are weekly groups throughout the year for Primary 6 to Secondary 6 pupils. Additionally, throughout the year there are blocks of SU for the younger age groups. At SU we look to create a great space to hang out at lunchtime. Filled with games, fun and a chance to hear, engage and even sometimes act out stories of faith from the Bible.

None of these SU groups are initiatives ran solely by Killermont but rather are run in partnership with our friends from a variety of local churches.

Age Groups:

Refuel – Primary 6 to 7

Refuel Later – Secondary

When & Where:

Refuel – 3-5 pm, Friday in Killermont Parish Church

Refuel Later – 7:30 < 9pm, Friday in Killermont Parish Church

Refuel and Refuel Later are clubs for young people to come along to hand hang out at on Fridays. We open up the church and fill the space with a plethora of activates to choose from such as Switch video games, table tennis, foosball, board games, snacks, big group games and much more. They are a safe space for young people to come and have fun, experiencing a different side of church than they might expect.