The Boys Brigade

BB Enrolment Evening For All Sections Session 2024/2025 – Wednesday, 28th August At 7pm. Thereafter All Sections Have Their First Evening Back On Wednesday 4th September

Anchor BoysMeet On Wednesdays At 6:10-7:10pm For P1-P3 – session 2023/2024 has concluded

Junior Section – Meet On Wednesdays At 7.15pm -845pm For P4-P6 – session 2023/2024 has concluded

Company Section– Meet On Wednesdays At 7.15pm-9pm For P7-S3 – final meeting of session 2023/2024 on 12th June

Seniors – Meet On Wednesdays At 7.15pm-9.30pm For S4-S6

Further information is available from Iain Macmillan – just click on his name to send him an e-mail.

The Boys’ Brigade 140 Years Anniversary Celebrations

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