Sunday Worship

Worship is not all that we do.
But we couldn’t do anything without worshipping God!

So, when we gather on Sundays, that’s our purpose.

As God welcomes everyone as they are, so do we.
We’re interested in you – as you are.

We’re serious about God – relaxed about everything else.
We like to laugh as well as listen.
We sing all kinds of songs – don’t worry you’ll soon pick them up. And, until you do, you can hum along.

Older people are welcome!
We love our children and young people but this is a church for all ages and stages.

And, we ask questions of ourselves, as well as of God.
Together, we search the Bible for answers.
We don’t always agree.
Sometimes, we have to leave our questions with God!

We meet for Sunday worship at Killermont at 10AM. Tea & coffee follows the worship at 11AM
We meet for Sunday worship at Westerton at 11:30AM. Tea & coffee are served from 11AM